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"All I can say is THANK YOU! I have been with you guys for the last 6 months and have made over $75,000!!! Becuase of your help I am now able to bet on sports for a living. I do what I want, when I want and don't have to answer to ANYONE!! Using your service is the BEST decision I have EVER made!!!!"
Larry Blevins - Phoenix, AZ

Are Handicappers Worth the Money?


Handicapping sports has become a very big business and for good reason; sports gamblers need them. Gamblers need handicapping services because letís face it, knowing everything there is to know about a sports team and their chances of winning are next to impossible, even for the most dedicated gambler. Literally millions of people try their hand at sports gambling each year and millions lose a lot of money. More than $750 billion dollars is spent annually betting on sports and more than $100 million of that is in the US alone. You are probably wondering where all of this money ends up. This is a great question and one that begs an answer. If the money thatís being spent on gambling is not going in your pocket, itís going in the pockets of the bookies. How do you keep it out of the bookies pocket? You must beat the bookies. How do you beat the bookies? Knowledge!


Elite Sports Picks - Sports Handicappers Hold a Decisive Edge over the Bookies


Knowledge goes a very long way in the sports gambling industry and if you think you have all of the knowledge that is needed, then you are fooling yourself. Ask yourself this question. What is your annual ROI, (Return on Investment)? Do you calculate this and if not, why not? If you are at all serious about making money on sports gambling, then you must calculate your ROI. You must know where you stand at all times. You must keep a running journal by one means or another, whether itís with an old fashioned notebook and pencil or by using state of the art software.


You must keep an operational gambling budget. There is no excuse to not do this and if you donít do it; itís guaranteed that you will be a loser in the end. Keeping track of all your bets and having a topnotch budget is not only smart, itís the only way to stay ahead of the bookies. You have to learn how to beat the sportsbooks at their own game and thatís not easy! The more knowledge that you are yourself with the better your chances of winning are.


Sports Betting - Analyzing Line Movements


You bet on sports for a variety of reasons, but be honest, the main reason you bet is to win money and you want to win a boatload! There is no time for screwing around. You work hard for your money and you like to play hard when you gamble, but you want to win. Again, knowledge is the game. Knowing how to bet is important but knowing what to bet is ten times more important. You must know what to bet and why it is a good bet before you lay the money down.


Take the NFL for a great example. You may have been betting on this sport for years, but you have never really won that much. Sure, you may have won $500 here $1,000 there but in the end, you may be down instead of up. All of that work, all of that sweating for nothing! Thatís horrible. Why would you continue down this path? Remember why you are doing tis to begin with; to claim a piece of the $750 billion dollars. You must keep your money out of the bookies bank account. You can know everything there is to know about football, you can be a sports guru and you can have conversation with the most knowledgeable of football experts but when it comes to winning games and beating the spread; a different story.


Real Bookies - Advantages of using Real Bookies Pay Per head Bookie Software


Stop doing this alone! Stop the madness, stop the insanity. There are professional handicappers that can help you become a consistent winner. The beauty of handicappers, they charge very little and in a lot of cases, you can find their services for free! The trick is to find a great handicapping service that combines all of the nationally known cappers, in one place. Look for a great game advising site that does this. They are out there, and they charge either very little and/or offer a free trial that can last for three months or longer.


Stop killing yourself financially and stop killing yourself physically. Leave the heavy lifting for professionals that do this handicapping gig for a living. There is no time to waste. The NFL season is here, and the college football season is right around the corner.

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