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Best Darkhorse Teams - Who Can Make a Run?


There are certainly many of the teams and really, most of the teams that fans expected to be in this years NCAA Tournament. Who are the teams that may be there but not expected to win, or at least not expected to win by most basketball fans?


March Madness - NCAA Tournament - The Top Four Bets to Win it All



The Tigers may not be considered a huge Darkhorse after winning the conference title and beating Tennessee in convincing fashion, however, think about this. Who gives them a real shot to win a national championship?


The Tigers have experienced it all this season with some fantastic runs and then a surprising loss here and there. No matter how anybody breaks down the game film, there is one very difficult obstacle to overcome; the big wins. There have been more than a few of them and it all started with the Washington Huskies, Xavier, a 72-78 loss at Duke, Arizona, UAB, UGA, MZ, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, SC, Florida, and then Tennessee againÖ Just to name a few.


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Auburn has done everything they need to do this season to win, they are scoring 7904 point per game, grabbing 34.5 rebounds, and 14.4 assists. The Tigers have no doubt been good offensively, they have also been tough on defense with allowing just 68.2 points per game.


Buffalo: Buffalo is still a dark horse and although they shouldnít be at this point, this is simply the very nature of how NCAA BB fans think. Many fans are not giving Buffalo a chance and thatís a mistake. Strength of schedule is a big deal, and nobody gets that more than we do. The Bulls have amassed a 31-3 record this season, in the MAC E. This team loves winning streaks and they went on a couple of them this past season. Count on the Bulls to make as run and challenge everyone they play. This team is for real and they are tough to beat.


Find a great online bookie and make sure of the rules. Find out what they are and take the time to know them. There are many ways to win and many ways to play this season. Be sure to find a great bonus. The bonus is a great way to make money. Of course, we want to make money playing straight up, and thatís work!


March Madness - 2019 NCAA Tournament Bracket Betting Tips


There is a way to give the work the boot. Stop working! Really, make this NCAA Tournament fun. The way to make it fun is by winning. The way to win is by knowing the basketball teams that you are betting on. Now remember, there are 64 team in this tournament do you know how capable each of them are. What kind of chance do they have to beat their opponent and how much do you know about how they play? You should know very well because this is your har-earned money, donít waste it. You probably donít have the kind of time that it takes to handicap every team thatís playing. Find someone that does, find a handicapper website that will help you make picks and find them fast!

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