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"All I can say is THANK YOU! I have been with you guys for the last 6 months and have made over $75,000!!! Becuase of your help I am now able to bet on sports for a living. I do what I want, when I want and don't have to answer to ANYONE!! Using your service is the BEST decision I have EVER made!!!!"
Larry Blevins - Phoenix, AZ

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You can create a sports betting site for a reasonable price, and exceptionally low maintenance costs’. As much as we don’t want to sound like those infomercials that were famous in the 90’s that would always say “but wait” we must say, “but wait”, there’s more. There really is more and a lot more. The most convenient and reasonably priced way to start your gaming business is with a pay per head.

· The PPH industry has taken the gaming industry by storm and in a big way since this past March. When COVID-19 shut the world down, bookies thought the world was finished. It was finished for local bookies. The only reasonable thing local bookies could do was to find an online presence of some kind. They realized that keeping their clients would be a struggle for one reason; what was there to offer as a local bookie? Nothing. Sports have come back and have been back for several weeks now, but is what’s available now, is it enough to earn you a nice income? Probably not, we have the solution


· Many bookies have the idea that starting an online sportsbook is an expensive venture and that one must have a huge savings account to be any kind of bookie, on any level. The part about starting an online sportsbook is absolutely not true. The part about having personal wealth – this depends on what type of gaming site you expect to operate and what kind of betting limits you are willing to allow in your sportsbook.


· You must realize that sportsbooks are marginal, highly marginal. Most sportsbooks run on razor thin margins and as a bookie, there will be times when you are running in the red. Listen, sports gamblers have become better at what they do. They have more information at their disposal, and they will beat you from time to time.


· Many bookies are looking for an alternative to the sportsbook. What’s available? The best PPH providers are now offering a three in one package that gives you not only a fantastic sportsbook, but also a world-class racebook, along with a Las Vegas-style casino. If you find the right PPH, you will get the best of all three worlds, in one.


· The best pay per head providers are offering a package deal for one low price per head. This means that you pay for active players to gamble on your site. Why would you do this, why would you pay for your client to use your website? EASY ANSWER… You are paying for a bookie management software that does all of the work for you.


· The PPH gives you a fantastic sportsbook that offers all of the best sporting events on a daily basis. They offer a state of the art user interface that makes gambling easy, they offer a huge wagering menu that features the favorite ways to bet on any sport, they set all of the day's events for you, as well as the daily lines and odds.


· The PPH also offers you a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from across the world. They set the daily lines and odds and you do none of the math or calculations. The racebook pays in real-time-track odds.



· DISCLAIMER: If you want to be an online bookie or any kind of bookie, you must have the funds to back up your losses. This is gambling and even though you are a bookie, the house doesn’t always win. There will be times when you take losses, you must be prepared to pay for those losses. The PPH can help you manage your players. You can set limits with player tracking. The PPH gives you the ability to manage your players movement and know when they are beating you and when they are losing.


The PPH is not only a great way to break into the online bookie business, it’s the only way. The best of the best PPH providers are charging in the $7-$13 ranger per player, per week. You pay only once for the players unlimited ability to gamble. You will be offered a FREE gaming website along with all of the tools to successfully operate a gaming business.

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