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Virtual Casino Options


A lot of bookies make an extra income with just sports betting.

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If you want to maximize the amount of money you earn, though, you need to take advantage of all revenue-generating options. One of those is to offer a virtual online casino.


It’s a lot easier than it sounds.


Bookies that utilize a pay per head (PPH) will have the ability to have a virtual online casino.


Your players will be able to play in the casino with the same account they use to bet on sports.


The main reason to offer an online casino is because the profits are often better than betting profits.


Players can lose quickly if they’re playing online slots that are running cold.


Best Virtual Casino Games for Your Players


You want your players to have access to the best virtual casino games.


A lot of PPH bookie software providers are utilizing outdated games, which doesn’t make you look professional. Some providers are even offering unlicensed games, which you need to avoid.



Here are the most popular virtual casino games:


● Slots: There are dozens of online slot providers and hundreds of online slots. You want to make sure your PPH provider has a selection of premium online slots.


Ask for a list of software providers a PPH is using. You want to be able to offer your players a range of reputable online slots. Players are smart and won’t play slots with poor reviews.


● Table Games: You want to have a virtual casino with lots of table games, including roulette, blackjack, craps, war, baccarat and casino poker variants, among others.


Keep the table limits on the virtual casino games low to entice action from your players. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to have the virtual casino, so any profit is a bonus.


Sports bettors will often hit the casino tables after a bad day to regain losses. When it comes to casino games, the house will always win long-term, just make sure you have a bankroll.


● Video Poker: Even today, video poker remains very popular. A lot of sports bettors enjoy playing video poker as well. It’s simple, quick and the potential payouts are big.


Tips for Running a Virtual Casino


You need to make sure you set-up your virtual casino with some restrictions.


For one, make sure you have implemented betting limits. If your players have a $50/game betting limit, then they definitely shouldn’t be able to bet $50/hand at the blackjack tables.


The reason is simple, if they catch fire and win $5000 in a night, can you pay them?


Start small, keep the limits low, even set a daily win limit on players that are turning over a lot of action in the virtual casino if you have to. Track, optimize and then increase limits slowly.


Experience is important in this industry. You don’t want to be out of business in the first few months because you were unprepared and got yourself deep into a hole you couldn’t get out of.

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