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Finding Value in CFL Odds


CFL odds offer a ton of value.

Key Points

Ė Finding value in CFL odds begins with understanding the types of bets available and the game itself.

Ė Understanding a few trends can help bettors find value in betting CFL games.

Where to Find Value in CFL Odds

With only nine teams in the Canadian Football League, bettors have a much easier time handicapping games on a weekly basis. The small league size can be a bonus for bettors who put in the time and effort in finding value in CFL odds.

So, how does one find that value in a game that is somewhat different from the NFL? It starts with knowledge of the betting basics. It helps to understand the differences in the game too. Knowing both can help CFL bettors find value.

Once you understand the nuances of the league from the North, youíll see thereís Canadian football betting value.

Types of Bets

The types of bets available for CFL games are no different than those of the NFL. There are the traditional moneyline, point spread, and totals bets. There are game props for teams and players like Team to Score First or Player A Over/Under 2 TDs.

There are also futures bets for the CFL. The most popular futures bet is one on the team to win the current yearís Grey Cup championship.

The bets arenít any different than what bettors see available for an NFL game. What is different is the game itself. There are football handicappers that commit all of their time in late spring preparing for the CFL. It's a great niche for anyone that craves the gridiron. You might even dig up an NFL ready player!

CFL Rule Differences

A couple things make the CFL game a bit different than that of the NFL. The field is wider (60 yards and longer (120 as opposed to 100 in the NFL). The end zones are also 25 yards deep and teams only get three downs to get 10 yards for a first down.

All skill players are allowed to go in motion in any direction before the snap of the ball and the defense must align one yard from the offense. This gives the offense a bit of an advantage.

The other big rule difference has to do with special teams. There are no fair catches in the CFL. All teams must attempt to return a punt. With the field being longer, more kickoffs are returned than in NFL games. Special teams have a bigger impact on the CFL game.


CFL Betting Odds Strategies

There are a number of strategies that CFL bettors can put into play to achieve success. One is related to betting underdogs against the spread early in a season.

With only nine teams, there is a lot of roster turnover from season to season. Because of that turnover, it is difficult to predict how CFL teams will do early in a season. There is a lot of uncertainty for the first month or so of a new CFL season.

Are you from Canada and looking for the best place to bet in Canada? Hereís a great article to get you started today.

That uncertainty offers some value on underdogs at the beginning of a new season. Since 2005, underdogs have done pretty well all season winning against the spread 53.9 percent of the time. When you take just the first two months of the season, there is an even greater advantage.

In June and July, oddsmakers just donít have enough information yet. As a result, underdogs win 59 percent of the time in the first two months of the CFL season (since 2005).

Our last article featured 2022 MLB MVP futures. See how thatís aged.

Canadian Football League Totals - OVER / UNDER

Another early season play is the Under. Betting the Over in a CFL game has been - and probably always will be - a trap. With so many offensive advantages and the fast pace of play, betting the Over often seems like a no-brainer in CFL games.

The thing is, there has only been one season since 2005 in which the number of Overs exceeded the number of Unders. In all CFL games dating back to 2005, the Under is 620-534-15 (54.6 percent).

In Week 1, the numbers are even more tilted to the Under. In opening week games since 2014, the Under has hit 67.9 percent of the time. Americaís Bookie is known to have sharp CFL total lines. Give them a look.

Another factor to consider when betting on the CFL is the previously mentioned special teams. When looking to bet a side, consider the impact of special teams from either team.

During the 2021 season, there were 1.62 punt returns and 2.02 kick returns per team per game in the NFL. In the CFL, those numbers were 4.95 and 3.91. Teams that have great return games are often teams to back.

Shop for the Best CFL Odds

One of the best moves a CFL bettor can make is to have accounts at multiple sportsbooks. That way, the bettor can shop for the best line on a game. A simple half-point can be the difference between a Win or a Push or a Push and a loss. Offshore sportsbooks have lines for everything. Even Esports.

Finding better moneyline odds can mean more money in your bankroll. If you can find a favorite at -105 instead of -110 or an underdog at +120 instead of +110, the savings add up over the course of a season.

Shopping for the best lines is crucial in any sport and itís no different for CFL bettors.

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